"Epically divine sounds transcend minds in the musical dreamworld of singer/songwriter/

multi-instrumentalist Sondra Sun-Odeon. Her impeccably orchestrated debut solo album, Ætherea, is a truly delicate thing of beauty replete with a psych-folk tapestry (a la Angels of Light) soaring and weeping behind her."


- Brad Cohan on Sondra Sun-Odeon's music, Village Voice


Sondra Sun-Odeon is a Los Angeles and Brooklyn based voice, composer, and recording artist.

A classically-trained pianist and self-taught guitar player, her music aims to describe the inexpressible, and reach for what is higher-than, and beyond the realms of our tangible everyday lives.

Her hard-to-define sound mixes elements of art rock, experimental noise, ethereal shoegaze, Sabbath-y moments, and lyrical song; heartbreak and longing drip from lyrics alongside regal conviction and graceful rage.

Woven together by a voice in the process of rewilding and a songwriting sensibility that has its own rules and tunings; Sun-Odeon’s music creates an untamed, darkly compelling world to escape into.

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